Hugo's Links

Links for kids that love the history of the universe and geography

(A work in progress : last updated 10/11/2017)


The History of the Universe I guess for schools is an entertaining video that starts from the big bang and ends with today.

Continental drift verson 2 is a video animation of the estimated history of continent movement from 3300 million years ago until today.

Extra history is a group of videos within the youtube channel "Extra Credits". They are a well presented and use visuals, a little drama and some humour to detail some important people and events in history.

Crash Course is a video channel that has many videos on history and science.

Geography Now is going through every country from A to Z spending one episode on each country.

Kids Learning Tube for those that like song animations on many educational topics. The astronomy section seems pretty cool.

StoryBots is a youtube channel with some cool singing and music to go along animations. I like their solar system song. They also have a series on dianosaurs.

Life Noggin covers a lot of topics. Maybe some of them arn't for kids but many of them are well presented and interesting.

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